Queen Elizabeth
Prize for Engineering

Create the future.

  • Landor Associates
  • QE Prize
  • Cannes Lions

We were asked by Landor Associates (London) to create a 3D animation for their prestigious client - Queen Elizabeth Prize of Engineering for whom they were serving the rebranding.


In four weeks time we have created a full 3D animation that combine new logo of Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering and colorful brand elements into one consistent world. Our team used various 3D particle systems to to generate engineering miracles made out of the shapes.



Landor Associates, London
Creative Director: Dan Howarth

Production Studio

Ars Thanea
Director: Karol Kolodzinski
3D Artist: Patryk Habryn
3D Animator: Patryk Habryn
Simulation Artist: Patryk Habryn
Compositing: Karol Kolodzinski
Production Manager: Marcin Molski